I believe in approaching life with a childlike sense of curiosity and wonderment.  

In uninhibited laughter.

In being grateful for the small pleasures.

In openness and acceptance.

In celebration of what makes us different. 

In creating an atmosphere that fosters a sense of inclusion.

In compassion for ourselves and for others.

In finding space for creativity and self-care.

In loving big.




My personal yoga practice is focused on the Mysore Ashtanga Yoga tradition which I found during a period of uncertainty in my life. Mysore has grounded me in its steadiness, meditative repetition, and purposeful progression. 

As a yoga teacher, I hold a 200-hour certification in Hatha Yoga and a 50-hour certification in Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. I value authenticity in my approach above all else. In my classes I focus on creating an atmosphere where the only true requirement is that students are kind to themselves – with the hope that it will lead to new discoveries in connecting with the body, mind, and breath. Students should always expect to feel welcome and supported, both on and off the mat.




I recently allowed myself to identify as someone who writes.  What you will find from my writing is mainly nonfiction, and mainly accounts of my life in different forms that adhere to few rules – short stories, poetry, songs, streams of consciousness, love letters, etc. I am focused on capturing the awe and inspiration that I feel in the daily moments that make up my life and the lives of my curious, passionate, and hilarious friends and family members. 


Everything Else


An upstate New York native, I have been bopping around DC for the past eight years. When I'm not teaching or practicing yoga, I work as an independent consultant for non-profit organizations focused on protecting human rights worldwide. I consider my bicycle a part of my physical and spiritual body and can be most often seen traveling around the city on two wheels.

I count my deepest and greatest life achievement to be the friendships and community that I cultivate and dedicate my time to. I don't take myself too seriously and like to think that my sprightly seven-year-old self would still approve of my clothing choices, which frequently involve as many layers as possible. I laugh loudly, bike slowly, sing deeply, move kindly, speak humbly, and love a lot – so much so that it can overwhelm me on occasion. 

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