Chameleon - Intro

Chameleon (and other stories)


The way I define being a chameleon is based on an elementary school understanding of what chameleons do – which is adapt their exterior appearance to fit in with their surroundings.  They are still the same lizard underneath but are able to make themselves feel more comfortable in different environments.  So when I first used that description to explain how I shift from one situation to a very different one with very little preparation time, that’s the image that popped into my head.  I am really good at feeling comfortable in a lot of different situations or at least faking comfort really well.  To me, that is what it’s like to be a human chameleon.  I’m an extrovert that loves figuring out how to read a room, works hard not to come on too strong, and who occasionally doesn’t know how to control the volume of her laugh (and sometimes needs reminders to use her “inside voice”).  These are some of my stories, in no particular order about the five-month trip I took to 11 (ish) different countries from March – July, 2017.