Chameleon Chapter 17 - Is this real?

New Zealand has the most overwhelmingly stunning landscapes that I truly believe I will ever see.  I still can’t believe I was there. I’ve mentioned it to everyone I’ve meet who has asked me about my trip. I just tell them to go. Walk to glaciers. Drive along coasts of lakes with mountains jutting up all around. Go to see the fjords with long, wistful, stringing clouds. Go for the rain and the snow-capped mountain peaks and the solitude and the expansive plains. Go for the dirt roads and the vineyards and the small towns. Go for the farmland and the funky trees and the even funkier wildlife. Go to see the things that the sun does to the land and water. Go to meet the people and for the empty beaches and trails with sweeping views along the windy coastline. Go for the beer and the fresh milk and the mid-day treks and the left-sided driving and the fresh breezes and the freedom of being at the bottom of the world. Just go.